Burghard Müller-Dannhausen
Report 15/2018
New Installation of the Farbwald Object
created 16.08.2018

In August 2018 the colour object “Der Farbwald” (The Colour Forest), which was created for the State Garden Show in Landau/Pfalz in 2015 and stood there in a prominent position through the summer of the garden show, was newly erected on the banks of the river Moselle in Koblenz. Here the object accentuates a park that is used by joggers and walkers. The Colour Forest is clearly visible from the opposite bank of the Moselle and from federal road no. 49 when leaving the city.


The persons on the picture 18-15-027 from left to right:
Jens Ternes, architect and sponsor
Peter Balmes, councillor (CDU)
Dr. Matthias von der Bank, director Mittelrhein-Museum
Jörg Perscheid, Sparkasse Koblenz
Christian Altmaier, councillor (SPD)
Dr. Margit Theis-Scholz, deputy mayor
Burghard Müller-Dannhausen
Anne Schumann-Dreyer, councillor (CDU)
Jürgen Haubrich, staff member Städtisches Grünflächenamt
Edith Hoernchen, councillor (CDU)
Christine Mohr, landscape architect, Städtisches Grünflächenamt,
Andreas Drechsler, chair Städtisches Grünflächenamt
Anna-Maria Schuster, Freunde der BUGA
Sascha Daum, staff member Städtisches Grünflächenamt
Aline Merfels, staff member Städtisches Grünflächenamt